Our mission

Saving sight and preventing malnutrition


Our history

Helen Keller Intl was co-founded in Paris in 1915 by two extraordinary individuals, Helen Keller and George Kessler, to assist soldiers blinded in World War I.
Since then, we have committed ourselves to continuing Helen’s work. And that work has evolved towards preventing avoidable blindness.

Helen Keller Europe was founded in 1998
Helen Keller Europe is a registered French non-profit organization, legally and financially independent, yet affiliated with Helen Keller Intl, sharing its vision, mission and values, as well as resources to achieve their common goals. In 2018, Helen Keller Europe launches its first French program : PlanVue.

Our mission

Helen Keller overcame tremendous obstacles to her health and wellbeing – and helped millions of others to do the same.
Guided by her remarkable legacy, our vision is a world where no one is deprived of the opportunity to live a healthy life – and reach their true potential.

Our programs prioritize preventing vision loss and avoidable blindness—as well as malnutrition and Neglected Tropical Diseases that threaten sight, health, productivity, and well-being.
We are active in Africa, Asia as well as France and the United States.

Our action in France

In 2018, Helen Keller Europe launches its first French program. PlanVue is a school-based program designed to prevent visual disorders in pupils from low-income neighborhoods, through awareness-raising, screenings and accompanies them to ophthalmologist and optician when necessary.

Observation : visual health represents a real challenge to equal opportunity
There are far too many children whose sight is diminished or lost entirely because they lack access to care. For low-income people, the spillover effects of vision loss can be comprehensive and devastating, impacting children’s ability to learn, form friendships, and later earn a living, and to remain safe.

« Never bend your head. Hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye. »

Helen Keller (1880-1968)


Solution : PlanVue , our school-based program to protect students’ eyesight

  1. Awareness : we raise awareness of preventive actions among students, parents, teachers and school nurses in primary and middle schools of priority neighborhoods.
  2. Screening : Professional orthoptists test pupils’ eyesight.
  3. Medical examination : Children who need it are referred to an ophthalmologist
  4. Care and equipment : According to diagnosis, pupils are fitted with glasses or referred to a suitable health facility.


Our impact : 6 500 beneficiaries since 2018

Our international action

Helen Keller Europe works in Africa and Asia on nutrition and eye health and nutrition programs.

Prevention of avoidable blindness

We tackle the main causes of avoidable blindness locally through prevention, screening and treatment initiatives run by Helen Keller Intl’s teams, in conjunction with local public health authorities and local associations.
Saving Sight
Combatting Vitamin A deficiencies
Control and eliminate Neglected Tropical Diseases

Prevention of malnutrition
The World Health Organization defines malnutrition as “deficiencies, excesses or imbalances in a person’s energy and/or nutrient intake”.
It is the leading cause of child mortality.
The first 1000 days
Combatting Vitamin A deficiencies
Keeping Mothers and babies healthy
Helping families grow better food

Support us

By making a donation to Helen Keller Europe, you support our actions in France and abroad.
You can make an online donation by clicking on this link,

Or send a cheque payable to :
Helen Keller Europe – 12 rue Vivienne – 75002 Paris – France.

« Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. »

Helen Keller (1880-1968)


Become a partner

We work hand in hand with our sponsors to establish “win-win” partnerships which, on the one hand, feed their corporate CSR policy, and, on the other, ensure the sustainability and development of our actions through their financial support.
If you would like to support Helen Keller Europe, please contact us.